A Vertically Integrated and Secure IIoT Solution for Manufacturers

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become a top business priority for many manufacturers. While the path to get to predictive can seem complex, with the right partners and technology your factory can work towards realizing the full potential of the Industrial IoT value proposition. Shibaura Machine is combining world-class engineering with Industrial IoT to change the standard in manufacturing. The machiNetCloud solution provides a vertically integrated, secure way for factories to adopt Industrial IoT with low risk and high ROI.

Purpose Built Applications for Industrial IoT

Production Monitoring

Automatic access to improving OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with ongoing monitoring of equipment to access and analyze machine data, integrating with ERP or MES systems.

Remote Access

Connect your machines securely to the technicians you need with no matter the location.

Downtime Tracking

Accurate and automated reporting of downtime events, supporting lean manufacturing initiative.

Lifecycle Tracking

Improve predictive maintenance and better machine utilization with user configurable rules and alerts.

Quality Management

Determine quality trends and be enabled to take a proactive approach towards ISO 9000 compliance.

Recipe Management

Track, monitor, and categorize pre-setting machine parameters with one-click machine configuration.

OPC-UA Edge Connectivity

Integrate with other IOT systems or other data acquisition systems for faster actionable machine insights.


Integrate with back-end data systems, including ERP/MES to share machine performance, quality, and job data.

Virtual Fortress to Secure Your Plant

Our IoT connectivity appliance, Amphion is designed to securely connect your equipment to our private cloud by meeting the most stringent security requirements in the world. The Amphion device builds a virtual fortress that can be visualized by defensive walls built around individual equipment within a massive wall protecting the entire manufacturing operation. This Amphion is capable of using any of the 27 industry standard protocols it supports natively to create these defensive walls in a practical, manageable, and scalable framework.

The Amphion features listed below provide a strong defense that can be scalable from a single machine to many hundreds of machines.

Outbound connections only available via machiNetCloud’s controlled destinations. This creates a high degree of cybersecurity because Amphion will not respond to any inbound connection attempts.

Total encryption of communication channels between Amphion and its destination. A 2048 bit TLS encryption cipher is used to prevent third party data interception

Automatic updates with the latest security features. Because they are connected to the machiNetCloud they are always up to date and if a threat emerges the machiNetCloud team is contacted and updates are dispatched immediately.

machiNetCloud Platform

The “Amphion” edge device is engineered to exceed the most demanding security requirements combining ease of configuration for remotely accessing your machines. The Red Amphion isolates each machine from other machines and everything else on your factory floor network. It interrogates machine controllers for status, production, and quality data. Then the data is relayed to the Green Amphion which securely encrypts and consolidates all collected data before it is transmitted to the machiNetCloud data centers via the Internet.

The machiNetCloud data centers around the world provide scalable, cloud-based data storage. They are home to our analytics, security, and IIoT applications that are accessible through any web browser to registered and authenticated users. Seamless integration with the backend systems such as ERP, MES, inventory management, or supply chain applications can be implemented through a host of open and flexible APIs.

Productivity at Your Fingertips

machiNetCloud mobile app gives you access to real-time insights at your fingertips. Gain access to real-time equipment status, equipment uptime, OEE performance and access to process and quality datapoints, just to name a few.  Available on iOS and Android platforms to download. 




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