Energy, Oil and Gas

Unbeatable Accuracy, Reliability, Scalability and Longevity

The energy, oil and gas industries require durability and reliability in their products. Shibaura Machine is in a unique position to support the manufacture of these products across a wide variety of materials and processes. We are one of the few machine builders capable of producing large scale solutions for industry. Our machines are used for applications as large as power generation turbine blades and as small as consumer batteries.
Shibaura Machine is a comprehensive manufacturer of injection molding machines, die cast machines, machine tools, robots, extruders, and high-precision glass molding machines.

Shibaura Machine offer state of the art manufacturing equipment and IoT/Industry 4.0 solutions backed up by robust service and parts support organizations. 

Shibaura Machine designs all machines to ensure maximum productivity, minimum downtime, and long-lasting machine life. This provides Shibaura Machine customers with more economical cost of ownership in the long term.

Customer Testimonials

Mumford Metal Casting

"The nice thing about a Shibaura Machine is that they never have any downtime"

Machine Types:
  • Die Casting
  • Job Shop
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture & Construction
  • Energy / Oil & Gas
  • Electronics & Communications

The Mumford Metal Casting Companies Capabilities:High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting61 HPDC aluminum machines ranging from 400-1,750 TonsHigh Pressure Zinc Die Casting4 hot chamber zinc machines up to 500 TonsMiniature Zinc Die CastingAluminum Gravity (stat...


Is integration with auxiliary equipment available?

Yes, in most cases, auxiliary equipment can be integrated with the primary machinery. Speak to your Shibaura representative for details.

Does Shibaura offer an Industry 4.0 solution?

Shibaura machine controllers support OPC-UA communication standards. This capability along with our machiNetCloud and machiNet platforms allow machine and process data to be remotely monitored and shared with plant MES and ERP systems.

Can Shibaura provide a solution for part traceability?

Yes, part traceability solutions are available.  Please speak with your Shibaura Machine representative for details.

Do you offer classroom and/or onsite training?

We offer a variety of training options. Please Click here

How can we assist you with your manufacturing needs?

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Sales Partner Network