Consider High-Pressure Coolant to Improve Chip Management

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, May 16, 2022 - 

Managing machine tool cutting variables such as feeds, speeds and depth of cut play a key role in eliminating unpredictable cutting tool wear and poor chip management. Incorporating a high pressure coolant system will provide an ideal advantage when applied properly to the tool cutting zone. This is particularly useful for industries like aerospace, automotive, and energy which commonly use special workpiece materials that are difficult to cut. Other workpiece material classes will also enjoy the benefits of a high pressure machining strategy.

With manufacturers spending millions each year on cutting coolants, high-pressure coolant delivery has become increasingly popular to enable CNC machine tools to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE). 

High-Pressure Coolant Makes a Difference

Implementing a high-pressure coolant system creates an opportunity for shops to improve productivity and provide measurably reduced cost per part. 

The addition force of high-pressure coolant increases localized pressure. This eliminates the common problem of superheated steam and prevents oxidation of workpieces and tools by allowing the coolant to successfully reach the tool tip, preventing heat damage that results in premature tool failure.

Additionally, with chips being kept at a lower temperature they are able to break easier from the cut removed from the point of cut. With the power of the high pressure, chips are blasted away from the tool which prevents additional wear. This allows for an easy and effective way to process the cutting tool chips. 

This video was produced prior to April 1, 2020. Our company name has changed to Shibaura Machine.

The coolant entering between the workpiece material and the rake face of the cutting tool allows for effective lubrication and cooling near the cutting point. This enables faster and more precise cuts with the cutting tool due to heat being reduced. Machine operators are also able to moderate the temperature in the cutting zone to maintain consistency.

We Can Help

Shibaura Machine has several models of machine tools that are high-pressure coolant compatible, prepped for powering most any machining application. Contact our Machine Tools team to learn which model will prove most effective for your shop.

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