Machine Tool Reliability- An Important Factor in the Manufacturing Process

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, March 23, 2021 - 

When a machine tool fails it not only challenges due date commitments, but can lead to poor quality workpieces, slower production output, and downtime losses. Bottom line, if your machine tool isn’t reliable; it will greatly increase the total life cycle cost.

It is easy to get lost in comparing and analyzing sticker prices when purchasing a new CNC machine tool. However, what is more important to review is the total cost of ownership (TCO), to understand its overall profitability. While your initial purchase price is a small but not insignificant portion of your TCO, you will largely want to factor in operating costs. Shibaura’s machine tools are designed and developed to help owners minimize TCO by ensuring the best possible reliability. 

Increase Machine Tool Profitability with Reliability

A machine that is down is a machine that isn’t making money. Downtimes from machine defects and maintenance means lower utilization negatively impacting your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Shibaura machine tools were designed to be extremely reliable. With a proven machine design, world class components and the know-how to assemble, Shibaura Machine Tools are built to fulfill even the most complex part requirements with excellent quality, quickly. 

The controls of a machine tool also play a large role in its reliability. Shibaura Machine’s proprietary TOSNUC CNC control offers features that allows users to more easily understand maintenance requirements, set alerts, and even remote monitor. By implementing these types of efficiencies you can ensure less idle time. 

Supporting Reliability

While purchasing a reliable machine is paramount to your productivity, so is having a company that stands behind the machine tool they sold you. Shibaura Machine strongly believes our customers deserve to have a machine tool working just as hard as they do in order to be cost-effective to their operation.

Our machine tools are backed by industry leading support. We believe in doing so our customers can maximize their purchase, gain competitive advantage, and have the peace of mind their equipment is running smoothly at all times. 

Contact our CNC Machine Tool department to learn more about our products.

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