Why Repeatability and All-Electric Molding Machines Go Hand in Hand

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, January 23, 2022 - Repeatability in injection molding. Being able to offer this shot after shot means lower cost of operation and consistency. It is key to the production of parts in today’s competitive market and has a crucial influence on efficiency and overall profitability.

High repeatability over a long period of time requires a highly robust machine paired with sophisticated controls. The SXIII all-electric series offers unparalleled repeatability with modern machine controls. Instead of being driven by a hydraulic system, the SXIII series uses digital controls with high speed, highly efficient servo motors. Each axis is controlled by an independent motor for injection, charging, clamping, and ejection which equates to a more repeatable, faster process. 

Quality Improvements

When you are able to achieve shot-to-shot repeatability, you can expect quality improvements. The electric servo motor on the SXIII allows 0.1mm +/- rotation to actuate movements. Optical rotary encoders offer additional position sensing with a control resolution of .00005 mm ensuring complete precision, repeatability, and improved overall quality. 

Cost Reduction

Improved repeatability results in a cost reduction delivering higher quality products with less scrap. The SXIII injection unit is supported by linear guides which reduces the drag of injection and back pressure creating a more precise process. Being able to ensure an accurate injection speed and back-pressure control improves shot-to-shot repeatability throughout the processing cycle. Compared to hydraulic machine cylinders which are slower and less responsive, this is a great advantage to reduce costs while improving part quality.  

Improved Productivity

Bottom line, a more repeatable process improves overall productivity. The state of the art, user-friendly V70 controller paired with the advanced load cell on the SXIII helps the operator achieve scientific molding without the requirement of in-mold transducers.  

The SXIII series also brings a smoother, controlled acceleration and deceleration through the current to the servo motor. That means force is immediate, accuracy is improved, and productivity soars. 

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All-electric machines bring the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market. Contact our injection molding team to learn more about the specific benefits the SXIII all-electric series brings to manufacturers to achieve these goals.

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Contact us today to discuss how the superior repeatability of all-electric technology can help your operation!

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