How Injection Molding Training Maximizes Your Machine ROI

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, April 1, 2021 – Having a comprehensive understanding of your injection molding machine will not only improve your production processes, but overall profitability. 

Setting this type of foundation is not only a smart investment in your machine, but also your team- creating a path for success in the industry. Shibaura Machine recognizes how valuable this is and that is why we offer both virtual and hands-on classroom training options to fulfill your company’s specific needs. With our certified instructors covering everything from controls, processing, and maintenance your operators will have the required skills to not only operate the machine with confidence, but convey the same overall knowledge base- making your company the expert. 

Training to Maximize Investments & Improve Business

Shibaura Machine instructors deliver updated and valuable industry and machine information, as well as best practices and tricks to improve job performance. The goal of the training program is to make it as easy to understand as possible, so your team can immediately put what they learned into action in order to improve overall profitability. 

Current Injection Molding Training Courses

Our courses focus on Shibaura Machine injection molding equipment and can be customized to your needs.

  • V50 Controller: Basic understanding of machine capabilities, highlighting the features of the V50 Controller- including general and sub screens.
  • V70 Controller: Basic understanding of ECSXIII machine capabilities, highlighting the features of the V70 Controller- including general and sub screens.
  • Maintenance - Electric and Hydraulic Machines: Comprehensive review of proper maintenance procedures for Shibaura electric or hydraulic molding machines. Details of machine parameters, requirements for proper machine upkeep, and review of control functions will be presented, along with hands-on practice.
  • Molding 360 Comprehensive Processing: This is an intensive, 3-day injection molding processing course designed to enhance skills and provide the tools required to maximize quality, productivity, and profitability. Students will be taught to develop a process through use of scientific molding concepts. Classroom learning is combined with hands-on learning at the machine. This is an advanced level course and students are expected to already have a basic understanding of the injection molding process. 

Shibaura Machine Customers can Schedule Training 

Continual high quality training is key to improving your overall profitability. 

Our training facilities are located at our tech centers in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Ontario, California, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Markham, ON, Canada. Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily suspended our tech center training. We can currently work with customers to offer virtual training options or classes held in-person at their facility. Also watch for webinars which will become available later this spring.

Shibaura Machine customers can contact our injection molding team below to request training information!


AP Tech Center Classroom

Training for Shibaura Machine Customers

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