Die Casting Factory Accessory Integration Improves Productivity

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, April 2, 2021 - 

Die casting has evolved a lot over the past one hundred years. 

At the beginning it was run solely by what a person could accomplish. Workers were expected to be the timers, electronics, and robots that we now have today. Slowly a shift happened and the machines began to be factory made, but workers were still required to operate levers and additional accessories in order to achieve the required results. 

Flash forward to this century and machines are regulated by controls, but still lack required accessories to offer full automation. This is where aftermarket automation companies come in to provide auxiliary add-ons such as ladlers, sprayers, and extractors that complete the solution.

From the start, Shibaura Machine removed the need to go to aftermarket companies for automation solutions. We saw this as being able to offer our customers a competitive advantage by increasing their productivity. By using Shibaura Machine auxiliary accessories that means they are a true part of the die casting machine from the start, offering an immediate tailor made solution for each customer.

Integrated Auxiliary Equipment Boosts Productivity

Think of a home theater system. Usually it starts with a television, surround sound speakers, perhaps a DVD player, or even a gaming system. This means more wires, more remotes which adds up to more work and knowledge to operate it. What if you could have one control system, without all the wires?

By integrating our auxiliary die casting accessories into our die casting machines, Shibaura Machine’s TOSCAST control system manages all the devices. This means that the machine is in control of all devices, giving the operator a single monitoring system and control over the entire die casting system.

This type of integration creates one single logic- that means one lock out, one emergency stop circuit. It makes diagnosing, troubleshooting, and programming not only easier, but also quicker. 

Shibaura Machine’s die casting machines also have been designed to recall setup information of the auxiliary equipment. This means that your factory automation accessory settings are saved as part of the die recipe, with no need to change programs on independent control boxes as required on aftermarket auxiliary automation devices. Depending how many accessories you have, this can be a major time saver for the operator!

Changing the Standard in Die Casting

Shibaura Machine’s commitment to continual innovation and striving towards excellence in design for our customers means that we are able to offer machines that improve productivity and optimize your die casting processes. 

Contact the Shibaura Machine die casting team to learn more about how our auxiliary accessories are integrated into our die casting machines.

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